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Practice Areas

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Business Litigation and General Business Matters 

We represent a wide array of businesses in all of their business and litigation needs including partner disputes, non-compete clauses, debt collection, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, contractual disputes, insurance litigation and general business needs.  We can help advise our clients on corporate law to keep the business in the best possible legal position at all times. 



It is important to have an attorney review any contract prior to signing, and we can review your contracts quickly and advise and inform you about your agreement.  We are also experienced in representing clients in breach of contract cases.


Home Owners Associations

Enforcement of deed restrictions, collection of fees and assessments, and legal document preparation.  We also represent homeowners in disputes with associations.


Outside Corporate General Counsel for Businesses

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Appellate Services



Health Care Collection & Reimbursement Recovery 

We help physicians and health care providers in reducing their receivables. We understand that as physicians your most important, irreplaceable asset is your patients. We are committed to handling your patients with compassion and care while protecting the interest of your business. 

Commercial Debt Collections

Consumer Debt Collections


Guardians and Conservators

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal processes that enable one person to request control over another person's finances and healthcare. The court will only appoint a guardian or conservator if there is a proven need, such as the person being incapable of making their own decisions or managing finances. In cases where person has full dementia but is physically healthy, a guardian can make medical decisions, while a conservator can manage money and property. If there is probable cause for appointment, the court will schedule a hearing, and in emergency, an emergency guardian can be appointed.


​Insurers and Policyholders 

Insurance defense attorneys are versatile legal professionals who represent both insurers and policyholders. They can work for any type of insurance company and their policyholders when issues arise. One of our specialties is property and homeowners claims but we can handle a wide variety of other claims including but not limited to: premises liability, medical malpractice, insurance fraud and false claims. 



Animal Attacks

Auto Accidents

Elder Abuse/Neglect

Serious Injuries

Wrongful Death


Probate of Will

Estate Administration

Probate Litigation

Will Contests

Heir Determination


Affidavits of Heirship 

When a person passes away without a valid Will (intestate), the estate will pass under the laws of descent and distribution as set forth in the Texas Estates Code. The circumstances of the case will dictate whether the heirs can inherit by means of an Affidavit of Heirship, an Heirship Proceeding or a Small Estate Affidavit. Texas is a community property state. Whether the spouse will inherit a Decedent’s entire estate depends on the classification and type of property, as well as whether the Decedent’s children were born to both spouses. The intestacy laws of Texas provide guidelines for allocation an estate to the Decedent’s living heirs. 



Real Property

Specializing in representing clients in real estate transactions, litigating breach of contract, fraud in real estate transaction cases, title disputes (Suit to Quiet Title, Trespass to Try Title), curing defects in a chain of title, title research, and title insurance litigation.

Real Estate Litigation


Property Boundary Disputes

Clearing Title

Suit to Quiet Title


Breach of Contract


Lease Agreements


Conversion/Civil Theft



Breach of Fiduciary Duty




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